Edward Currie

Dr. Edward Currie assists the Firm's attorneys and their clients on complex matters of intellectual property, technology licensing and acquisition, and on general business matters.


  • Degrees: BSEE, MS Physics, Ph.D. Physics.
  • Majors: Physics, Engineering-Mechanical and Electrical, Mathematical Physics.

publishing experience

  • Co-founder of PC Magazine (1981), which became the largest circulation magazine on the personal computer.
  • Founder of The C++ Journal (1989), a leading C++ language journal.
  • Founder of The Developers Newsletter (1989)
  • Publisher of the PostScript Journal (1990).
  • Publisher of Lifelines Magazine (1981-1988).  
  • Contributing Editor: PC World Magazine, MacWorld, and PC Magazine.
  • Assistant Editor Plasma Instabilities and Anomalous Transport Proceedings.
  • University of Miami Physics Department  (1966)

Current / Completed Authorship Projects

  • Nearing completion of an advanced textbook on embedded systems employing programmable systems on a chip and ARM/8051 architectures.
  • Revising a graduate level textbook entitled Statistical Thermophysics by Harry S. Robertson, Prentice Hall (1990).
  • Developing a textbook on entrepreneurship for Electrical and Computer Engineers based on a course introduced at Hofstra.
  • Coauthored a textbook on embedded systems published by Cypress Press and Springer.
  • Currently completing a textbook on programmable systems on a chip and embedded systems.

Other Activities

  • Founder of IRUG, Intel’s User Group.
  • Co-author of Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded Design (2008) and Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Mixed Signal Embedded Design (2008). Published by Springer (2011)
  • Consultant to Cypress Semiconductor, a public corporation, to help develop long range marketing and technology strategies for the corporation’s core technology.
  • Served on multiple thesis committees of Doctoral candidates at Stony Brook University Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Authored numerous technical articles in national and international trade magazines. 
  • Currently working as a consultant on an NSF- funded Engineering entrepreneurship program.
  • Served as a judge in the 2012, $50,000 Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention competition.
  • Consultant for Kanen Law Firm on technology licensing, patents, inventions, copyright and trademarks. 


  • Pending and issued patents in the areas of biometrics, database technology, encryption and telecommunications. 

Board of Director Positions Held

  • InterSoft Incorporated
  • CANVS Corporation
  • Com-Guard (Public Company)
  • Personal Computer Products

Industry Recognition

  • Who’s Who in Computers
  • Recipient of the Sybex Microcomputer Pioneer Award.
  • Extensive quotations in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fortune Magazine, NewsWeek, BusinessWeek, Time Magazine.
  • Quoted in many of the popular books on the history of microcomputers
  • Radio and TV appearances

Public Speaking Engagements  

  • Miller Freeman’s Software Development Conference
  • Rosen Release 1.0 Conference
  • The National Software Show, International Software Update Conference
  • Nassau Community College
  • Local IEEE chapters

Research Interests

  • 2D and 3D Color night vision systems, embedded systems, programmable systems on a chip, chaotic systems (Lorenz, RLD, etc.), environmental monitoring systems, biometrics  parallel computing and image processing.