Edward Currie

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Engineering Experience

  • Worked on a number of projects for the US Navy, US Air force, SOCOM, US Army, Marine Corps, NCIS and ONR in the areas of covert illuminators, control systems for surveillance control systems, color night vision, FLIR and thermal imaging, video dive mask system, IR beacons, thermal and infrared weapons sights, enhanced night vision goggle systems (ENVGs), marine systems, covert marking materials and systems, rotating optics systems, underwater laser communications systems, etc.. 


  • Non-military experience includes optical character recognition, analog computer systems, cardiac monitoring and analysis systems, telecommunications systems, embedded systems, environmental monitoring systems, magnetic inverter systems and biometric systems, including iris recognition, fingerprint and facial recognition, Lorenz and other chaotic systems.


  • Doboli, E. Currie, "Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded Design", ISBN: 978-0-9814679-0-0, 2008 (available online at
  • Doboli, E. Currie, "Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded Design", ISBN: 978-0-9814679-0-0, Second Edition - Springer 2011.
  • D. Van Ess, E. Currie, A. Doboli, "Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded Design", ISBN: 978-0-9814679-1-7, 2008 (available online at
  • E. Currie. Programmable Systems on a Chip (PSoCs) and Embedded Design. In preparation.
  • E. Currie, Entrepreneurship fir Computer Scientists, Engineers and Technologists.  In preparation.

Course Topics Taught Previously at Hofstra

  • Random Processes (Probability and Statistics)
  • Embedded Systems (Atmel and Cypress PSoC) (Spring 2011)
  • Introduction to Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Spring 2011)
  • Introduction to Game Development and Game Engines (Fall 2011)
  • Introduction to Image Processing (Fall 2011)
  • Introduction to Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Spring 2012)

Course Topics Taught Previously at Nassau Community College

  • Dynamics (Physics) (Fall 2011)
  • Electromagnetics, Sound, Optics, Relativity Lecture (Spring 2012)
  • Electromagnetics, Sound, Optics, Relativity Laboratory (Spring 2012)
  • Introduction to AutoCad (Fall 2012)
  • Dynamics (Physics) (Fall 2012)

Course Topics Taught Previously at New York Institute of Technology

  • Digital Design and Computer Architecture (Spring 2012)
  • Introduction to Java Programming (Spring 2012)

Courses Taught Previously at Other Educational Institutions

  • Physics
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Algebra I and II.

Partial List of Peer-Reviewed Publications and Reports

  • Increased Awareness Without Increased Workloads: Color Night Vision and Sensor Fused Systems for Tactical Overmatch In The Dismounted Battlespace. Jonathan A. Walkenstein, Edward H. Currie, William B. Pardo, Marco Monti Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory University of Miami Physics Department. Soldier Technology Global 2008 Conference Kensington England.
  • Color Night Vision specific performance characterization.  Jonathan A. Walkenstein, Edward H. Currie, Daniel J. Hosek , William B. Pardo, Marco Monti, J. Brian Gillespied. Paper and Presentation at The International Society for Optical Engineering for the (07-11 July 2002 Seattle, WA) conference Vacuum and Solid State Photoelectronic Imagers (SPIE Code Number: 4796A-24). 
  • Harry S. Robertson and Edward H. Currie. Onset of the Helical Instability in Weakly Ionized Discharge Plasmas. Phys. Fluids 12, 200 (1969)
  • Hawkins, L.C. and Currie, E.H., Comparison of Johnson-Jerde and Crawford-Ewald Theories of the Cesium Positive Column. Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 14:1027, 1969.
  • Pardo, W.M.; Robertson, H.S.; Currie, E.H. and Hawkins, L.C., Proceedings of Coral Gables Conference on Plasma Instabilities and Anomalous Transport Properties. University of Miami Press (1969)
  • Robertson, H.S., Currie, E.H. et. Al. Wave Studies and Instability Analysis of Cesium Magnetoplasmas p. 25-33 Cesium Plasma Transport Properties p. 18-24, University of Miami Physics Report to the Atomic Energy Commission. MIAPH-PL-68.7 (1970)
  • Robertson, H.S. Currie, E.H., et. Al. The Helios Research Program, University of Miami Physics Department ORO-3895-15 (Report)
  • Doboli, S. Doboli, E. Currie, "Preparing Computer Engineers for a Global Economy: A Study on Effective Collaboration Practices in Global Student Teams", Frontiers in Education, Austin, 2009.
  • Abstract - This paper discusses our ongoing efforts on developing, and conducting, senior design projects that involve undergraduate students working together on entrepreneurial, innovative projects. The students are from multiple universities, some of which are abroad. The goal is to emulate the main elements of global engineering teams that develop complex, multidisciplinary designs while targeting market-related constraints, such as price, reliability, size and ease-of-use. This paper discusses the goals and organization of the global student teams, and presents our experience in working with such teams.
  • Doboli, S. Doboli, E. Currie, "Visual Embedded System Programming has Arrived!", Frontiers in Education, Saratoga Springs, 2008.
  • Abstract - Many ECE graduates have only limited experience with design and integration of mixed-signal, embedded systems. This is in part due to the multitude of topics that must be taught to students during a very limited period of time. Fortunately, recent advances in reconfigurable hardware/software platforms and Visual Programming tools have the potential to dramatically address this deficiency, and enable a paradigm shift in ECE undergraduate education towards complex systems and networks of systems. This paper presents new educational material based on Visual Programming and reconfigurable mixed-signal systems on a chip to teach mixed-domain co-design and integration, including analog, digital, and software. The paper presents a new introductory course for freshmen ECE students, which is currently being developed at Stony Brook University, and a senior design project that was successfully completed at Hofstra University.
  • Doboli, E. Currie, P. Kane, D. Van Ess, "New and Innovative Educational Material for Teaching Mixed-Domain Embedded System Design to Undergraduate/Graduate Students", ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Pittsburgh, 2008.
  • Abstract -- Efforts related to development of innovative, mixed-signal system design, teaching materials and methodology are presented that focus on the co-design of performance-optimized modules for signal sensing, control, actuation, and communication in embedded systems. The methods developed to assess the quality and degree of assimilation by students of the key course concepts are also presented. Cypress Semiconductor’s PSoCTM mixed-signal architecture was used to illustrate the concepts covered by the developed materials.
  • A Model of Entrepreneurship Education for Computer Science and Computer Engineering Students. Simona Doboli, Gerda L. Kamberova, John Impagliazzo, Xiang Fu, Edward H. Currie Hofstra University, Frontiers in Education Conference (2010).
  • Abstract – Creativity and innovativeness are among the most essential attributes of engineering graduates.  Entrepreneurship is fueled by these two attributes and is one of the main engines to new technological innovations. This paper describes two novel models of entrepreneurship education integrated in computer science and computer engineering curricula.  In addition, we present a number of entrepreneurship modules taught in CS and CE disciplines and aimed at instilling innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in all students. Survey results of the effects of these modules are analyzed and discussed.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than twenty five years of senior management experience in both the domestic and international business arena.
  • Founder of several startups.
  • BSEE, MS Physics and PhD Physics
  • Comprehensive personal computer industry experience/knowledge
  • Executive management experience – Chairman, CEO, COO, CIO,  Executive VP
  • Excellent writing and public speaking skills
  • Experienced in managing staffs of 25-200+
  • Experienced in start-up, mezzanine and mature firms including public offerings
  • State-of-the-art data center design and implementation experience
  • Extensive experience in analog and digital modeling of complex systems
  • Extensive experience with biometric hardware and software technologies and markets including voiceprint, finger-scan, iris scan and facial recognition
  • Extensive hardware/software development and manufacturing experience
  • Extensive micro-channel plate, thermal imaging and color night-vision experience
  • Extensive military and defense contracting experience
  • Extensive negotiating experience
  • Extensive product management and financial modeling experience
  • Extensive print publishing, advertising and PR experience
  • Teaching experience in electronics, physics and mathematics at the university level
  • Skilled in the development of complex business models and long range planning
  • Proven track record of identifying and successfully pursuing technology-related market trends and emerging technologies
  • Raised > $10 M in venture capital
  • Significant experience in the preparation and filing of patent applications
  • Well versed in patent, copyright, intellectual property rights and procedures
  • Patent filings in telephonic applications of voice recognition and biometric database systems
  • Successfully negotiated contracts with Bell Laboratories, Raytheon, Sony, Olivetti, AT&T - Unix Systems Laboratory, IBM Research - Watson Laboratory, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Borland International, Symantec, NCR, Microsoft, etc.
  • Participated as an exhibitor and speaker in numerous industry trade shows.
  • Engaged in engineering design for  Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), US Army, Office of Naval Research (ONR)  and Navy Special Ops (SPECOPS) groups.
  • Radio and TV appearances
  • Chairman and Founder of the International Conference on the C Programming Language
  • In addition to managing numerous software development projects, also developed and coded major software systems