Gwen Chelidze

Gwen Chelidze is an experienced attorney focusing on residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigation. She has extenssive experience representing owners and buyers of commercial and residential real estate in Manhattan and in the boroughs. She also oversees every aspect of real estate litigation process, including depositions, written discovery, jury and bench trials, appeals and settlement negotiations. Gwen’s (or Ms. Chelidze’s) clients include real estate developers, brokers, property owners, title insurance companies, commercial property owners and tenants.

Gwen holds three law degrees, from universities in 3 different countries, the Republic of Georgia, Germany and the U.S. During her studies in Georgia, Gwen interned in the legal department of the Bank of Georgia, one of the largest banks in the country. She then went to work at the District Court of Tbilisi, where she was a legal assistant to a Civil Court Judge for complex litigation matters. In Frankfurt, Germany, Gwen received her LLM in European Union Law. After moving to the U.S., Gwen pursued an MBA in general management and also obtained her LLM in American Business Law from the New York Law School.

Gwen has previously worked for a New York real estate law firm, defending and prosecuting complex real estate litigation including foreclosures, evictions, and real estate title claims. She has also represented individuals and business entities in the purchase, sale, leasing and financing of various classes of real estate. Gwen’s clients applaud and appreciate her commitment to successful results, ability to anticipate client’s needs and her talent for tailoring creative solutions that make a difference. Gwen often volunteers in New York Courts assisting unrepresented litigants. Gwen speaks Georgian, Russian, German and English.